Health Guarantee

 All pups come with a one week health guarantee at the time of purchase. As a new owner, you must take your new puppy to your veterinarian for a full certified health examination within the week time frame. If a puppy is found to have any life threatening defect, a written certified veterinarian report must be provided, and  the pup must be returned with in that first week. The defective puppy will be replaced with a puppy of equal value. 
All puppies come with a one year guarantee against hip dysplasia.  Should your pup show signs of hip dysplasia, we encourage you to bring it to the vet for an exam. If dysplasia is found, a written statement from a certified vet must be provided within one week of the examination, and the litter owner must be notified within that one week period following the findings. The litter owner is not responsible for any vet fees incurred, but will gladly replace the defective puppy with a puppy of equal value.